A Night of Candles

“I left Florida to avoid tropical hurricanes. I didn’t know Colorado had ground hurricanes.”

A friend of my sister, Ginny, told her that during Monday’s brutal windstorm. The winds were not the 15-25-35 mph variety, but more of a Category One hurricane kind with gusts into the 85-95-105 mph range. The usual effects of the wind storm could be found everywhere: downed trees and fences, downed power lines, damaged cars and closed highways.

Undoubtedly, most schedules also fell victim to the wind. Our schedule was caught by the wind. The plan was to complete the veterinary certification for Lilith, Captain Andrew, SAM and Happy Girl so they may compete at the National Western over this coming weekend. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it because of a closed highway. Dr. Burrell, our horse veterinarian, couldn’t make it either – a fallen tree in her driveway.

A power failure all across the region, it simply complicated matters. We lost power shortly after 7:30 am. While we had plenty to do, the lack of power dampened much of the day. By evening, the fierce winds were more than a nuisance. The utilities department could not estimate when the power would be restored after saying mid-afternoon for most of the morning.

With it becoming dark in the late afternoon, a little light was needed. It is good the daughters have a strong sense of romance. They brought out their stash of candles they use while soaking in the tub or the Jacuzzi in the master bath.

candles: from romance to basic light

A pizza and soda dinner by candlelight. It works.

Our power was restored at midnight. The veterinary certification was completed this morning. Today’s afternoon practice session, compressed but intense.


7 thoughts on “A Night of Candles

    • Yes, indeed these type of winds can cause havoc. A church that was losing its roof yesterday lost with remainder of it in tonight’s winds. Guys think of candles in a utilitarian sense, women in setting a mood. 🙂

  1. I can’t believe how bad I heard the winds were! 100 miles an hour! I used to live in Florida in the center of the state and we had hurricanes all the time. What part of Colorado are you in? I remember a newscast last winter that showed this lady that couldn’t even get in your car door and she was stranded inside a bus stop to try to keep out of the Wind!

    • It’s been a while since we had winds of this magnitude, and of this duration, here in CO Springs. And, the damage is wide ranging. The courthouse had a portion of its roof peeled away, which led to 60,000 documents on ongoing and pending cases carried out by the wind. About 70-80% of wooden fences in my subdivision have major damage. (I have chain link.) There are a few who lost power on Mon still dealing with power issues yet.

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