Warming the Ride

With a nice and fairly mild October and November, the weather has finally caught up with the calendar. These early days of December have been decidedly colder, with overnight temperatures in the single digits above zero (° F). Last Friday (Dec 2), a new record of the latest, first measurable snowfall was set, eclipsing the previous record of Nov 28 2010.

As expected, the weekend riding has started later in the morning. In between the riding, hot cocoa kept the girls warm.

before riding: Deborah with perfect nails

hot cocoa break: Tara’s perfect nails staying perfect after an hour of horse grooming

By noon, the heavier outerwear was shed in favor of lighter weight fleece, which makes for better riding. After lunch, it was riding three rounds of exercises until late afternoon. Deborah gave G-Man another ride before settling him down. He did like the idea of working out with Brie, Captain Andrew and SAM. They didn’t seem to mind his presence too much.

staying warm: Elizabeth waiting on Deborah and Tara to load their horses

It appears hot cocoa will be on the training table over the next few weeks.


6 thoughts on “Warming the Ride

  1. I like Deborah and Tara’s nails. It looks like Elizabeth goes natural on her nails. We haven’t hit single digit morning temps yet, but close. So far the snow has stayed in the mountains around here.

    • The polish doesn’t stay long on the nails, particularly during riding season. Elizabeth trends natural with a clear coat but is known to try a glittery color now and then.

      We haven’t much snow, just plenty of cold.

  2. These are simply gorgeous shots David – it’s helpful that your ladies are gorgeous to start with my friend! I loved the colors too. Really really nicely done.

    • Thank you, Tina. The daughters, yes, they are very pretty and they photograph well. The colors, the credit goes to them. The girls know how to coordinate whatever colors they’re wearing very well.

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