The Home Fires

No matter how long we’ve been away from home, it is always good to be home. It means more at this time of the year. Not so much the Thanksgiving holiday, but celebrating the three birthdays that fall within a week’s time.

Deborah, Elizabeth and Tara took charge of decorating for the Saturday night dinner with plenty of white Christmas mini-lights and candles on the back deck. And, rather formal place settings.

Though dining on the back deck was a tad cold, it was not like we haven’t done this before. Fleece jackets, naturally, are required wear. After the steaks were taken off the grill, the fire was stoked to make it more comfortable.

Our family celebrations are not complete without a chocolate dessert made by our resident chocolatier, Laurie, and which we had indoors. With a slice of cake and our favorite hot drinks, we settled in for the night.

It was a very nice evening. Moreover, it is one of those evenings when we step away from everything. The electronics are off, the ringer is off on our regular phone line, the workstations and notebook PCs are off. The outside activities, work and studies are laid aside. The “everyday-ness” becomes unimportant.

The home fires – a time we relish and appreciate, and gives purpose.


4 thoughts on “The Home Fires

  1. We stayed inside to eat, because it was pretty late, and well below freezing, by the time we got everything ready; but I was out several times during the day taking people to see the cranes and the river. That’s a great looking chocolate cake.

    • It probably would have taken a snowstorm for us to eat inside on Saturday night. The girls put in a lot of work on the lights and setting a beautiful table. The chocolate cake, not much left. Laurie outdid herself on the frosting – very rich and delicious.

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