In Thanksgiving

Written by Elizabeth Ksenia Ramos

These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive
And these are the moments I’ll remember all my life
I’ve found all I’ve waited for
And I could not ask for more

In his letters to the early Church, Paul would begin with a thanksgiving to those who remained steadfast in their faith. His words sought to encourage and uplift in a time of great tumult and uncertainty. By remaining faithful to the Word through Christ, it is the one constant that transcends time. It was true then. It is true today. And, it will remain true tomorrow.

While much has changed through the passage of time, not so much has changed at its basic level. Life continues on through its cycle, from beginning to end. We yearn to have the warmth of love to wash away all the hurt and pain. The accolades, the material aspects, do not matter, for they are fleeting. The admonitions, on the other hand, help shape our character. Our individual paths depend upon the journey we wish to travel.

On this day of thanksgiving, we give thanks for the love of our family and friends, and we remember those who we miss ever so greatly.

May God bless you on this day and every day.


I Could Not Ask for More

From the song of the same name, written by Diane Warren. Sara Evans covered the song in 2001, with her video seen here.


About the author

Elizabeth Ksenia Ramos is a senior attending the University of Colorado. Her degree studies is concentrated in the field of chemistry, ACS certified Bachelor of Science program. She graduated with honors from Machebeuf Catholic High School in Denver in 2013.

She is the most decorated equestrian in Rustler Riding Club history, winning Rider of the Year, Horse of the Year and Regulator of the Year awards on multiple occasions. Additionally, she has won multiple blue ribbons, and other placement ribbons, with Mr. Ed, Lilith and SAM: Secret Agent Man.


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