The Nationals

The practice sessions are over. The words of motivation have been spoken. It is time to show.

Deborah treating Comet with some premium hay after the Saturday morning walkthrough (Sat, Nov 12, 2016)

There is a sense of excitement in the air for my daughters. After having a very solid season of riding and competing well, the Nationals have arrived. They are a step up in competition and skill. Though this marks the third time in attending this particular show, the girls feel this is the one they are most prepared for. They are continuing to ride very well in practice. It is fast, it is crisp, it is disciplined. Every detail has been noted and remembered.

Since becoming a stop on the FEI World Cup Tour (North American League – West Coast Branch), the level of competition at the Las Vegas Nationals is definitely top-shelf. Not only is one competing against the best of the best from the USA horse show circuit, one is also competing against elite professionals from the World Cup circuit. Though it is very competitive, the one constant is the field of competition is even for every rider. Deborah uses the adage from the NFL, “On any given Sunday …” In hunter/jumper, it is a truism.

graphic courtesy of Blenheim EquiSports

While the stage is bigger, the expectations greater, the girls’ approach to the Nationals is the same. “It is no different from any other show, no different from any other practice session, and always give your best effort. Most importantly, place yourself in the best position to compete and succeed.” This is how they ride.

And, now, they are ready.

“Ride now, ride forever”