Gaining Knowledge

While the layoff from competition has been lengthy, the practice sessions for nationals have continued on a pace my daughters used during their riding season. The sessions have been exacting and thorough as they are crisp and precise. They’ve practiced under the watchful eyes of their instructors, Mark and Trish, taking in their advice and knowledge.

after a workout with Lilith, Elizabeth listens to the advice from Mark’s dad, Pete

When Mark’s dad, Pete, spent two weeks here, earlier this fall, he closely watched the girls practice. A cowboy and wrangler, Pete’s experience and knowledge of horses is considerable. He oversaw the remuda on a working cattle ranch in Texas, where he worked his entire life. Before lending advice, Pete asked both Mark and Trish if he could.

Though some of Pete’s advice and knowledge was what they had already learned, or gained through experience, there were some bits and pieces they were learning for the first time. My girls listened intently to every word.


9 thoughts on “Gaining Knowledge

  1. Great photo! Good to have experienced people to give advice. When I was racing bikes, I sought out and trained with the champions. I also sought out the top guitarists to study with here and in Spain. Their advice, training and practice programs together with their examples of dedication and determination made all the difference for me. I am not particularly talented in either, but I got to professional levels in both through dogged determination and doing what the pros told me to do.

    • Thank you, Tim.

      The girls’ riding coaches, Mark and Trish, have deep backgrounds with horses. Trish was a highly decorated hunter/jumper from NC. Mark returned to being a vet tech working with horses in the last few years in the Army after a long stint as a Ranger. Pete’s great-grandfather (Mark’s great-great- grandpa) was a Cheyenne warrior during the Indian Wars. The Native American Indians of the Great Plains were considered to be the best horsemen by the very cavalrymen they often fought against.

  2. Done it again, an outstanding picture!
    I’ve been wanting really badly to create something like this. Bit difficult since temps won’t truly drop until late December.
    Steam please!

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