Black Cat Monday: Halloween Edition

Midnight Cat Log – Supplemental:

Not much scary here, but plenty of activity. But, it is important to keep an eye out for the unusual and the unexpected.

In years past, Halloween has been synonymous with winter white and cold. According to our resident staff, Halloween 1973 came with a blizzard leaving 15 inches of snow and temperatures reaching below zero in its wake. Not exactly trick-or-treat weather. Two years later, the blizzard came a week before Halloween. Though warmer weather came afterward, the remaining icy spots on the sidewalks made for a tricky walk. Over the last ten years, the weather has been far from frightful. Nice, pleasant days and nights of autumn weather instead.

Our scary this Halloween are the sounds of re-roofing from our contractors the past few days. The loud noises should come to an end tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Black Cat Monday: Halloween Edition

    • Thank you, Leanne.

      Halloween has become one of those “commercial holidays” strictly to sell a product, namely candy. The party, that’s becoming an industry itself for costumes and party materials.

  1. *sigh* This may have been our last trick-or-treat Halloween after a small fireman (approximate age 6) tumbled off our step in a rush of children after candy. I don’t know who was more traumatized- actually, I DO know. I was. He shed a few tears and then went on his way with his dad…

    • Don’t beat yourself up, it happens when there is lots of kids rushing from door to door.

      We’ve had so few trick-or-treaters over the past 10-12 years because the neighborhood grade school holds a special Halloween party for them. If the day happens to fall on the weekend, the school still hosts the party.

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