It is a bittersweet moment with mom gone nearly eight months. It would have been my parents’ 63rd wedding anniversary today. Yet, we feel it is still an important date to note. Mom liked the smaller family celebrations for their intimacy and informality.

And, yes, mom loved her chocolate cake.

After a lengthy surgery on Saturday, Laurie, our resident chocolatier, worked on this gem of a chocolate cake last night. With no samples, we had to settle for the wafting scent of chocolate. It will be served after tonight’s dinner.

And, so we toast them for their long marriage.

Happy Anniversary!



10 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Beautiful cake. My dad died nine years ago. Mom and dad would have celebrated 75 years of marriage this year.

    • Yes, chocolate cake. My mom would bake the cake, have two slices and say we’d better hurry up and finish it. It made for a good breakfast growing up.

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