A Rainbow Bridge Day

She had a strong personality. Step into our home, one knew Pebbles was the one in charge. A trait not unusual for kitties of the Siamese persuasion.

Yet, Pebbles had her sweet, affectionate side. She slept under the covers with her one, her little feets pressed on the back. A soft meow in the ear when it was time to wake up.

When October 10, 2005 came, we awoke early as per our custom. Breakfast, Pebbles ate that well, and part of Dino’s leftovers. Afterwards, a brief nap then she watched the light snow fall outside. With her bright blues and her purr machine on high, Pebbles signaled she was ready to say goodbye for the time being.

We miss our Siamese girl very much. Pebbles was the best of friends, and was a very loving member of our family and confidant.

Love you always,

mom and dad


8 thoughts on “A Rainbow Bridge Day

    • Thank you, Tina. I think Pebbles would be happy that she’s well remembered. Furry ones have a way of wrapping us around their paws. 🙂

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