Black Cat Friday

It is a Black Moon Friday.

before a New Moon: a waning crescent (5:50 am, Sep 21 2015)

Our resident black cat, Miss Midnight, says it should really be a Black Cat Friday. There are no other kind of Black Friday’s except for the black cat kind.

Miss Midnight, top cat regent

Black moons occur when there is a second new moon in the same month. The lunar orbit cycle is 28 days. The first new moon of this month occurred on September 1.

While some conspiracy theorists have suggested this marks the beginning of the end times, they may have forgotten about the last two (January and March 2014).¹ If you are a student of Greek mythology, new moons are associated with the Greek goddess, Hecate. She is the goddess that oversees crossroads, magic, ghosts and the dead. Hecate continues to play a part in the Wiccan tradition. For those living in the Eastern Hemisphere, this occurrence of the black moon will be in October.²

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