Autumn Dreams

of autumn dreams
of shimmering gold and rust
of light breezes rustling the leaves
of how I dream anew


A dream rekindled.

Sarah and her two daughters came to spend the Labor Day holiday weekend with us. Not only was it a chance to ride among friends, but a chance to learn again. What better than to learn from, and train with, the three riders who were once her protégés.

waiting on the fog: Sarah and Max

She is glad to be back on the saddle. A little more than 17 months ago, Sarah underwent a two-part surgery to repair a back injury that dogged her for over 3½ years. Her lowest point was giving us her beloved champion, Secret Agent Man. Sarah knew SAM missed the show ring, and would flourish in the trustworthy and capable hands of my girls. Most of all, he would be loved to the fullest.

A priority on the list was Sarah riding SAM again. He was patient in waiting for his turn on the circle exercise course. When Sarah rode SAM, a little bit of their old magic resurfaced. It was easy, it was smooth.

Kim, Sarah’s daughter, and SAM watching a set of grid exercises

When Deborah rode through the same course, her and SAM were “poetry in motion” according to Sarah. They were easy, they were smooth, they were fast. “I want to be that again,” Sarah said. She knows she will need to be patient, and it will take time to regain her form and skill level.

Sarah was known for her skill, attention to detail, and tenacity. She will be known for that again.


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