“It was all so unexpected …”

… and so much more.

It was meant to be a very routine visit. We would be in-and-out, and back home in less than 45 minutes. Our previous visits were all like this, and this would be no different.

The day began early as normal. The kitties were taken care of first – their breakfast, fresh water at all four stations, the litterbox scooped and freshened with baking soda. As his habit, Tuxie waited patiently for his fresh water. With him, you have to be plenty quick with a bowl of fresh water. The rest of the morning unfolded as close to normal and quiet as it does on most weekdays.

While storm clouds began to build, around noontime, Tuxie settled in for his nap in the hideaway box, in the patio. The hideaway box served as a shelter for him and his two littermates, Maxie and Midnight, when they transitioned in from the outdoors many years ago. They continue to use it as a their quiet hideaway. Miss Egypt also used it as her secret quiet place.

It is with great sadness, and great shock, to announce the passing of my handsome boy, Tuxie, on Monday, August 29, at 14:45, at our vet’s office. He passed away from a cascading respiratory failure. It was clearly so unexpected. I had anticipated, that it would be a routine visit. Dr. Ramsel would ask how things were going at home after losing Miss Egypt. Instead, it was an emergency situation.

This was not your ordinary, overstress situation. Listening to Tuxie’s lungs, Dr. Ramsel could hear crackles which indicate fluid in the lungs. An x-ray revealed half of his lungs were filled with fluid, and likely resulting from an underlying disease process or the presence of a tumor. A rapid application of oxygen slightly eased the shortness of breath but was not enough to slow or halt the cascading respiratory collapse. Dr. Ramsel was prepared to insert a kitty chest tube, but she needed to stabilize Tuxie first. Unfortunately, he slipped away to the other side.

After breakfast, Tuxie began the day like he always did – watching his world wake up. He listened to birds singing their morning songs, and watched them fly here and there. Tuxie watched his one take the trash to the curb for pick-up day with his “what-cha-doing” wonderment. And, he was glad when I acknowledged his watching.

He was quiet, unassuming and very happy. Like Miss Egypt, my boy struggled mightily to stay in the here and now. Tuxie, too, showed what life is all about. To live, to love and savor every moment of life – big, small and everything in between. Sadness had no place in his world.

Forever in our hearts
Tuxie, The Quiet Prince
July 25, 2005 – August 29, 2016



19 thoughts on ““It was all so unexpected …”

  1. It seems somehow wrong to “like” a post about losing a beloved companion and I am so sorry. What a moving tribute you have given him. Best, Babsje

  2. I am very sorry for your loss, it is clear how much you loved him and no doubt likewise he loved you. I agree with the commenter above who says it seems somehow wrong to like a post like this.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, David. Your post moved me to tears, with the passing of Miss Egypt in mind. I can tell by your story that Tuxie, The Quiet Prince, was a beautiful and wonderful friend. Please cherish all the warm memories of that beautiful cat deep in your heart.

    • Hope you and Mr. Bowie didn’t shed too many tears. Tuxie was a good pal. Not feeling well, he was always the one who came around to help in cheering you up. Once he finished cheering you up, it was “good, I need a treat now.” He will be definitely missed.

  4. Tuxie always reminded me so much of my Sir Chancelot. My heart aches for you! But there’s great comfort in knowing the love you had for him, and the life you gave him. Many cats never have that. Thank you for sharing his story with us.

    • Thank you, Sandy. Each of our furries bring their own quality, their individual personality that makes them so special, just like our other kids.

  5. Another heartbreaking day. So sorry for you all to have to go through this again so soon.
    Tuxie looked incredibly much like our former cat, a gentleman who went through several job changes, two large moves, the addition of a large dog, and watched our two boys grow from babies to toddlers to little boys, all with swagger and style. The black and whites always seem to have a special personality… I know you’ll miss The Quiet Prince for a long time.

    • It was a tough, tough day. And, how he went so quickly was unbelievable. It was also difficult for my vet and her techs because they couldn’t get Tuxie stabilized. He was slipping in-and-out of consciousness. I’ve seen a lot things, but watching Tuxie go was the hardest thing ever.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      • Much too stressful to lose a pet completely unplanned and being able to do nothing about it to help.
        I can understand the panic. A helpless feeling.
        Wishing you all a peaceful weekend…

        • I had to feel bad for Dr. R and her techs being unable to stabilize Tuxie. It’s just one of those things. Thank you for your kind words and wishes.

  6. David, just to say how sorry I am is not enough. It has been over a year now since we lost Johnny C and then my precious Mickey 2 months later. You don’t lose a pet, you lose a part of your heart. My prayers go out to you, dear friend.

  7. David, my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. You didn’t just lose a pet , you lost a part of your heart. It has been over a year now that we lost Johnny C and then my precious Mickey 2 months later. I am still feeling the pain, and it will take a lot of time for you as well. Just remember the good life that you gave him, and the love he not only gave, but received as well.

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