Classes resumed for my daughters last Monday. Elizabeth is beginning her senior year, Deborah and Tara are fifth-year seniors, at UC – Colorado Springs. Deborah and Tara began their college studies at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and not all of their credits transferred into the University of Colorado system.

In terms of coursework, Elizabeth needs to complete both semesters of Biochemistry, a biochem lab course and a few electives for her ACS-certified BS in Chemistry. While Deborah and Tara only needed to take a few electives for graduation with a BS in Biology, both also opted to take a graduate-level microbiology course. What each will do after graduation, they are undecided.

The transition from the show ring to the classroom has always been a smooth one for them. They see it no different from the off-saddle work they do to prepare for a horse show. Doing well in the classroom is important to Mark and Trish, their instructors. Mark, in particular, says a rider needs to be ready for life while and after riding. Moreover, good study habits makes for a better rider.


Simply known as “Lehninger”, it is the best, most authoritative textbook to learn biochemistry for both chemistry and biology students. The edition shown in the photo is my personal copy. Elizabeth is using my copy while waiting for her copy to arrive from Alibris, an online book reseller. If she bought through the university bookstore, I would have to pay $185 for the same edition and condition of the textbook. At Alibris, I only paid $45. The latest edition of Lehninger, in new condition, easily retails for $285. Deborah and Tara are using their copies of Lehninger as a supplemental reading resource for their microbiology course.

(An added note, in this household, chemistry, biology and medicine are referred to as such, and not by the awful acronym, “STEM”.)