Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turns 86 years young today. He has a fondness for sweets and desserts, though his mainstay is vanilla ice cream. It is the flavor that can go with anything, including cookies. The family chocolatiers, Laurie and Elizabeth, baked late into evening on a batch of chocolate-chocolate chip cookies for dad.

The rest of us had to be satisfied with scent of chocolate wafting through the house. And, we were.

This evening, it’ll be a family cookout to complete the day. Though mom is not here to celebrate with us, she certainly is in spirit. And, it will be a good celebration filled with laughter and love.

Happy Birthday dad!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

    • Thank you, Herman and Mr. Bowie, for the birthday greetings.

      The cookies, however, are still embargoed until late this afternoon when dad is here. The only sampling were on those cookies that were crumbly – and there weren’t too many of those since these are soft cookies.

  1. Happy belated birthday to your dad! I saw this yesterday, but got distracted and forgot to comment!

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