Happy Birthday Musketeers!

We celebrate our Musketeers, Maxie, Midnight and Tuxie, becoming 11 years old today. When we first saw them as tiny, three-week old kittens, little did we know they would  become part of our family.

And, how have they grown into the beautiful (Midnight) and handsome (Maxie and Tuxie) cats they have become.




They are a tightly-bonded trio with their own individual personalities. While it doesn’t seem like it on some days, they genuinely look out for one another. When one goes to the vet for their annual check-up, the other two patiently wait at home.

They have earned and wear the title of Musketeer to the fullest.


Happy Birthday Musketeers!



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Musketeers!

  1. Happy Birthday, my dear and beautiful Musketeers! Hope you got some extra treats… Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

    • Thank you, Herman and Mr. Bowie! Lots of catnip, a taste of a tuna fish salad (primarily the mayo), and maybe a taste of some homemade French Vanilla ice cream. 🙂

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