Off The Saddle

Though we arrived later than we had planned, it was good to be home. Four weeks away, while it passed quickly, it was long enough. Another week away would have tested our endurance. Missing from our welcome home was, of course, Miss Egypt. Our always sociable, ready to visit tabby girl would have positioned herself right at the door, making it a bit hard to come inside.

Miss Egypt showing an inattentive Pinky how to greet the family

Both yesterday and today have been spa days for the girls. It is the opportunity to pamper themselves and not to be dusty and sweaty, with bits of hay here and there. They get to be young women with polished nails and nicely coiffed hair. Yet, it is not to say they are not analyzing and reanalyzing the video from the past few weeks of competition to improve their riding skills.

The few days off-saddle is also a chance for the girls to recover from the bumps and nicks they’ve picked up along way. Elizabeth has been riding with a moderate wrist sprain for the past three weeks, which has finally begun to feel much better.

wrapped with care: Elizabeth’s wrist support made from horse wrap boots

While we carry a variety of velcro wraps and miles of adhesive tape (for horse and rider), the best wrist wrap for Elizabeth was fashioned out of a new pair of horse wrap boots. With a little tape, it provided the maximum support for her wrist when it was very sore.

Similarly, the horses are having their spa days to be just regular horses. No fences to jump, no exercise routines to repeated over and over. Tomorrow, they will have a vet check-up and a farrier check-up.

athletic but just regular horses: Comet and Mr. Ed enjoying the days off

It’ll be back to work on Sunday as practice begins anew for a show in two weeks. The show will be used as a tune-up for the two shows in Iowa, in August.


4 thoughts on “Off The Saddle

  1. A month is a long time to be away from home. I’m sure your cats gave you an earful about being away so long. It’s good the young women can take a break and treat themselves to a spa day. I wish fast healing for Elizabeth’s sprain. Even mild sprains are painful distractions. Love the horse photo. They look very happy free to roam.

    • The cats didn’t give an earful, they just pretended they didn’t know us for about an hour. But, then again, they did see me when I came home for a few days to help Miss Egypt at the end two weeks ago. Elizabeth’s sprain seems to be healing rather quickly now that we’re home. The horses, they have their own games just like the cats. 🙂

      • Acting like they don’t know you is another tactic. I remember when we came home from being in France for 5 weeks, Rosencrantz met us in the drive, and really let me know what he thought about us being gone for so long. Guildenstern also gave us an earful and wouldn’t let us out of his sight for a couple of months after we got back. The other cats gave us the “who are you?” treatment.

        • Cats are much better than teenagers when it comes to guilt trips. After they feel you have atoned enough, which is no more than 30 minutes, the cats will welcome you back into their good graces because you have become more attentive and have profusely apologized. 🙂

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