Notes From Home

Away from home for such a long time, there are always a few concerns about how things are faring. Naturally, there are concerns regarding family, the furry ones and the house. While planning the show schedule, we try anticipate for many things – both on the road and at home. One of the lessons of life is being organized as much as possible. It takes away a bit of the unexpectedness one will encounter. Nonetheless, when the unexpected happens, it is a bolt out of the blue.

It is with very great sadness to announce the passing of my beautiful Miss Egypt, yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, June 22 at 17:20 MDT. I flew home on Tuesday after talking with Andrea and Laurie on Sunday and Monday. Egypt developed acute kidney failure, a condition she carefully hid. Every part of her daily life unfolded in a normal manner in the days before – playing, sleeping and eating, all without missing a beat.

Miss Egypt fought valiantly to overcome her condition and the sedatives calmly taking her to the other side. In the final goodbye last evening, my princess slept with her eyes sweetly closed with her beautiful smile. Many tears have been shed at home, and in SoCal among my other princesses and their Auntie Bella. The bond between Miss Egypt and I was a very strong and enduring one. She will be greatly, greatly missed. And, though we still have the pater of cat feet in our home, it has become much too quiet without hers.

Though her condition was beginning to steeply decline on Wednesday morning, Miss Egypt found the energy and alertness to greet and meet the early morning song of a robin singing near her viewing spot in the greenhouse. She listened and watched carefully, locating the singer with her ears first and then with her eyes. In this small moment, Egypt showed what life is all about. It is to love and savor every moment – big, small and everything in between. And, Egypt showed her strength at life’s end – struggling to love and be loved.

Forever in our hearts
Miss Egypt
Jan 14, 2004 – Jun 22, 2016