A special post by Andrea Kanakredes, RN, MSN.

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating your twenty-one, and now we are celebrating your twenty-two. Dad and I are so very proud of you, my princess. You have become such a beautiful woman with a heart full of love. You have dad’s quiet resolve, patience and inner strength. Dad has said you have inherited everything you are from me. We knew when you were born, you, our first princess, would be very special.

Deborah carrying the Puppy (Greece, Aug 1999)

While visiting with great-nana in Greece, you carried their pups and kittens all over the courtyard. Great-nana said you were destined to do many things with animals because of your natural affinity for them. And, that you have in becoming an equestrian.

Deborah, our first princess, with Secret Agent Man (JN Ranch, September 2015)

A beautiful young lady, you will always remain our first princess. A princess who continues to quietly slip her hand into ours, and one who embraces ever so tightly.

You will always be my perfect princess, your dad’s perfect princess.


Happy 22, baby girl!

mom and dad