Unsettled Training

It is fair to say their training schedule over the past few weeks has been unsettled. From the passing of their grandma to late-season winter storms, the schedule has been all over the board. Remarkably, though, my daughters have said it has been a good spring – one of their best. They’ve been able to practice well. Their coaches, Mark and Trish, have said they appear to be in mid-season form. The horses are riding well, the girls are riding well. Mark and Trish have added they are quite proud of my girls in how they have handled the unsettled nature of their spring. They have kept everything in perspective.

Comet: “When are we going riding?”

Though my daughters and their horses are quite eager for their season to begin, it is not an “every second on the saddle” training approach. They’ve let their horses be horses while they review the video of the training sessions and compare notes. And, of course, there’s always time for a little loving and play before returning to a practice session.

Deborah sharing a Jonathan apple with a freshly groomed Comet

Elizabeth and Mr. Ed playing “How tall are you?”

Once it is time to get back to training, everyone is ready.


10 thoughts on “Unsettled Training

  1. What a nice set of photos. I remember back in my bike racing days, winter and early spring training was always tricky with the finicky weather, plus early season races could end up cold and miserable tests of endurance.

    • Thank you, Tim. Late winter and early spring weather is always a bugaboo when it comes to training regardless of sport. When it comes to equine sports here, there are about 8-10 indoor arenas available statewide – and they’re always booked.

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