Resemblance – Part II

If you haven’t read the first part here, I would recommend that you do before reading ahead.

While it is said we all have a double somewhere, whether it is true or not is another question. Certainly, there are people who bear striking resemblances but do not have any kind of familial connection or common ancestor. Such resemblances are a result of the randomness of genetic variation.

With that said, it hasn’t stopped a few to attempt the “what if” calculation. The supposed result of the calculation yielded there are at least nine individuals, of diverse genetic backgrounds, will bear a striking resemblance to one another. Taking the supposed calculation a step further, what is the likelihood of meeting that someone of lookalike resemblance. It was “determined” to be 3%. Consider the world population is estimated to be 7.3 billion, 9 out of 7.3 billion and the 3% chance of meeting that someone else are very extraordinarily long odds. Simply, it is highly unlikely on both counts.

Regarding the photos from yesterday’s post, are they same person or different? They are different.

The first photo is of Nicole, the friend of my daughters.

It wasn’t until I downloaded this image to my computer did I notice the strong resemblance between Nicole and my niece, M, who you see in the second photo.

When both are tired, they share the same facial expression. However, when they are fresh, Nicole and M are far from being lookalikes.

Nicole in hunter action (Texas, May 2014)

Though M wanted to have a pony when she was little, in the end, she was more interested in just visiting with horses.


2 thoughts on “Resemblance – Part II

  1. Doppelgängers are interesting. There was a woman at church who had a terrible personality, hard to get along with, the type of person most everyone tried to avoid. She looked very much like one of the architects who works for the firm that shares office space with us. At one of our company picnics several years ago, my wife asked what Julie was doing at our picnic, referring to the woman from church. Laurie was quite surprised to think she would be at our office picnic. I said “Oh no! that’s Tina one of CSR’s architects. Julie is her doppelgänger, because Tina is quite the opposite and really sweet.” Laurie didn’t believe me until she talked to Tina.

    • That is very interesting.

      About 10-12 years ago, after Mass, an a Korean War vet asked me if I was related to someone he knew, giving the name of his wartime buddy. He said I was the spitting image of his friend. I said no, but mentioned my dad was in the Korean War with the 5th Regimental Combat Team. He said he and his friend were in the Marines. He had to ask because of the physical resemblance. We had a good chat.

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