Ranch Horses

The JN Ranch, where we stable our horses, is a working cattle ranch. In addition to the few hundred head of cattle, they have a nice remuda of around 20 horses. The horses have the most work during the cattle sort in late spring when temporary cowboys help with the tagging and branding on the mid-range, then moving the cattle to their summer range. For the remaining 44-46 weeks of the year, they basically live the life of a horse, rotating in and out of the work schedule.


They are largely of quarterhorse stock. Four are OTTBs that didn’t do well in racing or equine sports, but found their place as cattle horses.

While our horses and the ranch horses are kept separate, they do watch each other closely. The ranch horses probably do wonder what the jumping over small sections of fence is all about. And, our horses probably wonder what the walking among cows is all about.

Jake watching the jumping horses


Brie keeping an eye on those ranch horses


The ranch horses, though, like the idea of my daughters giving them treats. Life doesn’t get any better.


4 thoughts on “Ranch Horses

  1. Beautiful working horses. The quarter horses bring back memories from my youth. I had a quarter horse named Star, and she was one fast and scrappy horse. I rode her daily during the summer months, did a bit of barrel racing with her, but she loved drag racing other horses on the ditch banks — we rarely lost. My brother worked has a cowboy for a summer, but by the time I was old enough to work as a Cowboy, I was working as a furniture maker. The ranch where my brother worked had started closing down to pressures from development.

    • They are beautiful horses, Tim. Many cowboys these days are the temporary kind, moving from one ranch to another – mostly on the larger ones.

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