Snow Daze

It was a forecast that was not missed, nor disappointed.

generic snow photo

With nearly 8-10 inches of snow, and drifts taking shape through the overnight, it was an early start to clearing the driveway. The plan was to drive Laurie and Andrea to work, and pick them up, like yesterday. A snow drift had formed around the Expedition, with the largest portion across the front end. After an hour of digging, about half the drift was shoveled away – and yet not knowing if there was any snow under the hood.

Nearly ready to start the Expedition after clearing the snow away from the exhaust, a bundled-up Laurie came outside and said her and Andrea had a snow day. Good enough. Also, the girls had another snow day with campus remaining closed, and all scheduled classes and activities cancelled for the day. All the school districts are closed for another day. And, much of the region is rather quiet as many businesses are closed, or on reduced hours.

generic snow photo

The snow has pretty much coated everything. No power interruptions, or flickering lights. All that remains is a cold, north wind and clearing away the snow.

The winter storm is now across Eastern Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. In blizzard form, the storm is nowhere nice as the name, “Kayla“, The Weather Channel has given her.

Time to tackle those drifts.



@16:10 MT – The snow total, up the amount to the 10-12 inch range. The four-foot drift that was in front of the garage door at 5:00 am reshaped itself into a solidly-packed two foot version. Also, the garage was reshuffled where all of our vehicles are indoors. The other deep drift was 3½ feet at the front steps. The larger drift of five feet is at the storm door into the backyard. We may need Mother Nature to cut it down to size. Another two inches of additional snow is expected tonight. Overnight temperatures are expected to be in the -5 to 5°F range.


6 thoughts on “Snow Daze

  1. You got slammed, and a good workout. All we got was a little bit of rain mixed with snow and very high winds. The temps dropped form high’s in the 60’s on Saturday and Sunday, to barely creeping above freezing yesterday and today. The winds are not as strong today, but they are bitter cold. I hope you have a good stock of hot chocolate?

    • It’s been awhile since we received this kind of snow. In terms of a workout, not bad. I left a portion of the driveway for tomorrow. I did manage a three-mile run before noon. (Pretty safe to run in the middle of the street with so little traffic.)

      The hot chocolate, someone else is enjoying it.

  2. We had initially been predicted to get this snow, but Mother Nature changed her mind and just sent us rain and gray, gray skies. Good luck with the snow!

  3. Well it may be a huge inconvenience but it sure is beautiful. And it gave you an opportunity for some lovely shots. I especially liked the red barn with snow falling on your last post David. Beautifully done.

    • Thank you, Tina. It is pretty when the snow is falling. The only inconvenient part is having to watch out for everybody else on the roads.

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