Easy Like Sunday

Not so much easy but more like busy.

Our home began to stir shortly before 5:30 this morning. Early, by any standard, for a Sunday morning. Looking out the window, a dense fog had settled on our neighborhood during the overnight hours. Until it lifted, our morning was a little slower. But as sunrise approached, the fog was slipping away quickly.

First order of the day was getting ready for Sunday Mass, and a fast check on the email. Laurie’s brother, Tom, and his wife, Alicia, were flying up today from San Antonio. A getaway for them, and a chance to experience a small part of Colorado in winter. Also, they had been looking forward to see the girls ride in competition. No message on flight delays, at least not yet.

After mass, it was back home for a fast breakfast. While Laurie had rounds to do, Andrea had a stack of paperwork to wade through. The girls and I, we headed out to the JN Ranch. The girls were putting the finishing touches on their horses and other final prep work. If there was time, perhaps fit in a short trail ride to stretch out the horses. In a very ambitious effort, all eight horses will competing in the hunter/jumper show at the NWSS. Their coaches/instructors, Mark and Trish, believe the girls are more than equal to the task. Both have said this is the year to show how good they really are.

Tara brushes Cameron under his halter


It is in watching the girls tend to their horses where the busy drumbeat of the day has slowed. Brushing each horse. Minor touch-ups in their clipping. Speaking quietly to their equine charges. Patience is their touchstone in the routine of horse care.

By mid-afternoon, any idea of a short trail ride is dropped. It’s more like the time to ready them for the overnight. Amanda keeps her horse barn very draft free and warm during the winter months. In her barn, every horse wears a winter blanket including ours. (Amanda checks on all of the horses before she calls it a night.)

When the girls and I returned home, all was quiet. The girls, they finished polishing the black saddles and tack they’ll be using at the horse show. Tonight, they’ll study the video and notes from the training sessions of the past two weeks.

Tom and Alicia, our visitors, they remarkably made it on time. No delays.


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