Chocolate Warm-Up

Plenty of barn work and preparing for next week’s horse show was the order for the day. It was made easier with snow, cold and wind outside. And, easier yet with hot cocoa and chocolate cookies.


With Amanda outside checking on the cattle, we made sure to save her share of the chocolate warm-up. Since she’s one for mini-marshmallows in her hot cocoa, we brought a bag of them along.

Coming in from the outside, Amanda was very appreciative of the chocolate warm-up. She said we’d make for fine neighbors with all things chocolate.



Our chocolatier was Elizabeth. She baked the cookies late into the night, last night. The hot cocoa was made with heavy cream, whole milk, Ghiradelli  Sweet Ground Chocolate Cocoa, and a bar of Ghiradelli Premium Baking Chocolate (Unsweetened).


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Warm-Up

  1. OK that needs a deliciousness warning! The top image is beautiful – remember the days of being out in the cold with the horses – just perfect. Have a great 2016.

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