A Long Day

The weather decided to take a turn to the wintry side today. While much of the week’s training has been indoors at RRC, my daughters were thinking whether they should scrap the trail ride they had planned for this afternoon. Though it was not snowing, it certainly was chilly. After a short chat, they decided to shorten their trail ride.

After donning their long rider coats, the horses draped in their blankets, they went on their trail ride. Thirty minutes later, they had returned as light snow began to fall. Time to call it day. The girls quickly prepped the horses for loading into their trailer, which was already being warmed for the trip home. Within the hour, we were on way. The road reports back towards home were okay – slushy and icy in spots. I’ve driven through worse with a fully loaded trailer.

The drive on I-25 was quite normal despite the steady snowfall. When we passed the big red barn at Greenland Ranch, at least we were still able to see the barn in the heavy snow band.

Greenland Ranch – the big red barn
photo credit: Tara


The drive over Monument Hill, an accident magnet in winter conditions, was smooth. No real problems. I thought we would be home much sooner than I had anticipated. Not tonight.

Ahead was a major back-up on the interstate from a jack-knifed tractor-trailer rig that was bottlenecking the highway. Jumping off to another route really wasn’t a good option as other roads were experiencing heavy traffic volumes. Three hours later, we made our way past the accident scene in the final stages of clean-up.

After stabling the horses and stowing away the gear, we finally got home – mere minutes before Laurie and Andrea came home at 7:30 pm.

A long day it was, probably longer than we anticipated.


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    • It wasn’t so bad in the middle of it yesterday. But, if there was snow and ice on the road, I might have thought otherwise. 🙂

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