Winter Training

It seems only a few weeks ago the 2015 riding season ended.

Secret Agent Man surveying the paddock


With their first show of the new year in ten days, my daughters have begun their training sessions in earnest. The winter training schedule is somewhat compressed, and is largely at the mercy of the elements with so few indoor training venues available. In Colorado, there are maybe a dozen places where an equestrian can schedule an indoor session. And, during the winter season, indoor sessions are at a premium. Fortunately, RRC has an indoor facility where the girls can get the training time. Like everywhere else, it has a first-come, first-serve policy. An outdoor practice schedule is feasible if the temperatures and the ground conditions are fairly decent. While this winter isn’t as bitter cold and snowy as last winter, the girls have limited their outdoor training to easy trail rides.

Cameron: “Trail ride?


With most school districts resuming today, the girls will have the indoor facility for themselves this week. The added plus is Trish will oversee the training sessions, giving the three highly individualized instruction.

While the training sessions will be exacting, the girls will have some time to meet a pair of new horses Mark and Trish acquired in late October. The horses, Destry and Trinity, are very green and have not been under saddle for long. Yet, they both possess very good dispositions.

Destry: Trish adjusting the saddle and Elizabeth holding the reins


Destry was a perfect gentleman on his ride with a saddle. The girls each had a short turn riding Destry. Trinity, he wasn’t too calm with a saddle on his back, so he didn’t get to be ridden. My girls proclaimed both as perfect.


5 thoughts on “Winter Training

  1. Love the photos! Speaking of Trinity, did you ever see the spaghetti Western “They Call Me Trinity” or “My Name is Trinity” staring Terrence Hill back in the early 70’s? We discovered an Italian TV series on Netflix about 10 years ago called Don Matteo, where Terrence Hill plays Don Matteo a crime solving sleuth of a priest. The series is set in Gubbio Italy, and we had spent some time in Gubbio back in the late 90’s, so I got one of the DVDs to check it out (we are always looking for fun videos in Italian, French and Spanish for language practice). Don Mateo turned out to be a very good series and extra fun for us because we were familiar with Gubbio. It doesn’t have anything to do with horses, but your mention of Trinity reminded me of Terrence Hill and a couple of the characters he played.

    • Thank you, Tim.

      Yes, I remember the Trinity movies. Both were much too funny, but I think they were meant to be that way as opposed to the Clint Eastwood films.

      • Oh yes! The Trinity films were comedies and I think meant to be spoofs, whereas Clint Eastwood’s and Franco Nero’s earlier westerns were bloody serious.

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