On Christmas Eve

A calmness and quiet has descended on this Christmas Eve. It is a day we’ve enjoyed very much with sounds of laughter, and sounds of quieter moments. It is a day when worries and concerns are set aside. In waiting for Christmas, our anticipation is much like a child’s.

Tonight, it’ll be an early dinner followed by a small part in the musical program at one of the larger, local evangelical churches. Though we are not evangelical by persuasion, anytime there is a chance to sing praise to God, it is taken. Andrea will be one of the featured vocalists. She’ll be doing “In The Bleak of Mid-Winter” and  “Beautiful Seed“. I will accompany her on piano and keyboard.

From our home to yours, may you have a Blessed Christmas.


Notes –

A video performance of “In The Bleak of Mid-Winter” by Corrinne May can be seen here. Also, the video performance of “Beautiful Seed” by Corrinne May can be seen here.

For more information on Corrinne May, please visit her site here.


8 thoughts on “On Christmas Eve

  1. I love the photos. The first one is especially beautiful. We were trying to decide on whether to find a service to go to tonight, then I ran into the head of the Medieval Study’s program and his wife at the store tonight and they invited to go to midnight mass with them at the local Catholic Church at the end of our road. His wife is Catholic, he’s Church of England and we are Methodists, so it will be a good mix for a midnight mass..

    • Thank you. In the first one, it was a quite foggy that morning. It’s not often you find fog clinging low to the ground in Colorado, especially when there’s no stream or lake to feed the fog.

      I do hope you and Laurie find the Midnight Mass an enriching experience. It’s been awhile since we’ve gone to one – mostly asleep by midnight.

      May you both have a Merry Christmas!

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