Expedition Christmas

Usually, much of our Christmas shopping is completed by mid-September, and mostly online. Very, very few things remain on the list when the Christmas countdown begins. This Christmas, we opted for an old-fashioned, shopping expedition. An all-day one. After her morning rounds on Saturday, we met up with Laurie in Old Colorado City on the west side of Colorado Springs. A variety of shops dot the avenue, from bookstores to jewelry shops to gadget shops. And, several restaurants large and small. With two SUVs, some serious shopping could be done.

Our first stop, the shoe repair shop to pickup two pair of English riding boots, belonging to Deborah, that were being re-soled and fitted with new heels. The repair, far more reasonable than buying a new pair each time one wears out. Next stop, a jewelry store. After buying a few shiny eye-catchers, the next stop was a small coffee shop. Taking two tables, we have our order – lattes (Laurie, Andrea and Tara), two regulars (Deborah and myself) and one hot cocoa (Elizabeth). While we were laughing very much with our hot drinks, Laurie had to step away to be a doctor for a few minutes.

ordering a medication adjustment for an inpatient on her BlackBerry


After Laurie finished her call and latte, it is back to shopping. We drift in and out of shops for the next couple of hours. The kitchen gadget shop, jammed pack with every conceivable item that might be used in a kitchen. Rivaling the kitchen gadget shop, a hardware store of sorts. A retro record store selling vinyl LP albums, which included Elvis, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lawrence Welk. Along the way, we buy a few things.

We stopped for a late lunch at Thunder and Buttons, a longtime fixture on the west side. While waiting for our food, Laurie took out the “mountain man” hat she bought for her brother, Tom. He and his wife, Alicia, plan to come to Colorado when the girls ride in the National Western in a few weeks.

Laurie modeling the mountain man hat, made from 100% acrylic fur


Laurie mentioned how Tom loved his Davy Crockett/Daniel Boone coonskin cap when they were growing up. She said their mom threw it out when it became all-ratty looking. Buying another wasn’t likely since Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone caps were no longer available for sale. Laurie said Tom would’ve passed it on to his son, ratty or not. Far from a gag gift, Tom is looking forward to having a mountain man hat. He should “fit” in at the National Western.

Our last stops, before calling it day, was a pair of bookstores. The first bookstore sells more contemporary works, while the second sold older, out-of-print books. Tara is a lover of books, the more the merrier. She gave each of us a list of four titles she was interested in. We were able to find all but two of her selections. Of the twenty books Tara received last Christmas, all were read before the end of March. This was in addition to the reading assignments for her classes.

The next day, the girls rested up by riding their horses for most of the day. Andrea, Laurie and I recovered by having hot cocoa and a few chocolate cookies while the girls were riding.


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    • We can be raucous group when we’re out and about. Fortunately, we lucked out that our weather hasn’t been too cold. But, if it were too cold, we would have had to bundle up.

    • It was so much fun, we’re pretty much planning on doing it again next Christmas. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas also. 🙂

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