Happy Gotcha Day!

We are celebrating the Gotcha Day for Miss Susie and Miss Pinky.

We adopted them from Colorado 9 Lives Rescue on this day in 2011. Though we were only looking at adopting Miss Susie, we thought if there was a littermate, or another kitten, at her foster home she was close with, we would adopt her playmate also. She was very close with her littermate, Miss Pinky. They played hard together as kittens. It only seemed fitting they came together. Miss Susie and Miss Pinky would have each other to play with and be the best of friends.

Being family members, we have many, many photos of them.

Then, as baby kittens –

Miss Pinky


Miss Susie


a rare two-shot of the sisters


Now, as grown-up girls –

Miss Susie


Miss Pinky


Though they are the babies of our home, both have grown nicely. They run and play well with Miss Egypt and the Musketeers. They are lots of fun also.

We would like to thank everyone at 9Lives for keeping and watching them until we could bring them home.


Happy Gotcha Day, Pinky and Susie!


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  1. They are beautiful! I love the line on Miss Pinky’s nose, and Miss Susie has such a sweet look about her. You made a good choice to rescue them.

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