Black Cat Saturday Night

A perfect autumn day turns into a spooky, dark night.

Then, it begins. Tiny ghosts and goblins, witches, and other assorted tricksters come out. They run from one door to another in hopes of receiving a treat. But, we keep out lights out.

One says to another, Don’t go there.”

“Why?” asks in reply.

“That’s where the only black cat in the world lives,” he answered back. “She knows who I am.”


“She watches everyday with the others.”

Do you suppose, Egypt, those little things have catnip in their bags?” Midnight asks.

“I don’t think so, Midnight. If they did, all the outdoor cats would be chasing them and taking their treats bag.”


Have a good Black Cat Saturday Night!



3 thoughts on “Black Cat Saturday Night

  1. Great moon shot. Love the black cat watching the tricksters through the screen. I just got home from hiking in Tent Rocks, and the cats were rioting for a treats. It’s like trick or treat around here every night. If I don’t give the cats their treats, I never know what tricks they are going to pull. Actually, they seem to get up to some kind of mischief anyway, but normally on a less scale when they get their treats.

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