Caturday Memories: Ten Years Later

It was ten years ago, on this day, we said farewell to our Miss Pebbles. She graced our lives for 16 years, 2 months. Though Pebbles was fun and playful, she definitely was the one in charge of the household.

always box ready


the hiding place


taking the afternoon nap


a fashion icon, with her leopard print, leather handbag


When that day came, she fully understood we were parting ways temporarily. Her eyes were bright, her head held high. Ten years later, we occasionally feel her presence or sight the swish of her seal-point tail. Indeed, we miss Pebbles very much. We were very, very blessed to have her as a good friend and family member.


Photos from the Two Cats Two archive, using Kodak Gold 35 mm film (ASA 200) and Kodak B&W 35 mm film (ASA 400).


6 thoughts on “Caturday Memories: Ten Years Later

  1. Wonderful memories of Pebbles. Kitties become so much a part of our lives, they are hard to lose, always missed, and their presences are often felt, especially when we need a lift.

  2. A beautiful and heart warming post, David. Thank you. It made me think of Jones, almost 19 years old when she passed away a few years ago. We still love her.

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