Another Fall Preview

It’s the other fall preview.

With the fall season beginning on Wednesday, she has been slowly revealing herself. Though record high temperatures were set, or tied, last week, the nights have quickly become cooler. The insects of late summer busily continue with their daily activities.



Under deep blue skies, the golden colors have spread from the higher elevations to a lower one in the mountains.


Though a few trees have begun to show their colors, it’ll be another 10-14 days before they will appear in abundance in the lower elevations.

Until the cold arrives, it is a time to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Another Fall Preview

    • Thank you, Timothy. We do have a lot of yellow, but there’s still plenty of green yet. May be this coming weekend the peak colors will arrive. The spider, I had to race to grab the camera to catch the little guy working his web.

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