Reflections: September 11th


Fourteen years later.

It seems not long ago, on a clear and crisp morning, when so much had changed. Many were stunned. Others were called. It became the great test – not only of a nation, but also of her leaders and military. Much has transpired in the years since with the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and, most unfortunate, a widening partisan divide. Though life has continued, what happened on a bright, Tuesday morning in September is quickly fading away. Yet, the final chapters remain unlived, let alone unwritten.



To commemorate the 1oth anniversary of the September 11th attack, the National Geographic Channel had broadcasted a week-long series of documentaries. One of the best documentaries of that week was the interview with former President George W. Bush. It remains the one and only interview he has given about that day.  It is a powerful interview. You may view the interview, in its entirety, here.


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