Arriving at Twenty

My young lady has grown so quickly, so nicely. There are days that are slower than others, which we have enjoyed very much. And, what’s better than using a holiday to celebrate her birthday. And, what’s much better than having an extra day to celebrate with the university scheduling another day off tomorrow.

Today, we celebrate her twentieth.

Elizabeth, within our family, is our scarf girl. Her collection of scarves and pashminas is rather extensive, ranging from cold-weather use to dressy. From silk to cashmere to Pima cotton. It is not uncommon for her sisters, and the moms, to ask if they can borrow one. They can provided she’s not wearing it, or plans to wear it.

Though she becomes twenty, our baby princess is still that. A princess that listens to her mom’s heartbeat and her dad’s heartbeat yet. And, one who writes unexpected notes of love to us both.

And, the new pashmina Elizabeth received, she loves it.


Happy 20, baby!

mom and dad


14 thoughts on “Arriving at Twenty

  1. Happy birthday, Elizabeth! What a lovely portrait. Her birthday falling before the holiday this year is a nice bonus. I think 2016 is a leap year, so her birthday will skip the holiday.

    • Thank you, Timothy. Not often does her birthday coincides with Labor Day. Most of the time, it hits after the holiday. Even more unusual is getting the extra day off at school – how the university draws up their calendar is beyond me. She and her sisters will take it.

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