Today, we are celebrating another milestone in our family. My dad turns 85 years young today. Like my mom, dad has slowed down step, or two. He still enjoys going out though. My dad, he enjoys his desserts and sweets. Ice cream, his mainstay. The homemade tiramisu, generally gone within two days.


Happy 85, dad!



7 thoughts on “Milestone

    • Thank you for your best wishes. It’s much appreciated.

      The tira, very tasty. Had a portion of the preview version last night, and this morning for breakfast.

    • Thank you for the birthday greetings.

      My parents aren’t much into going out for dinner at a restaurant (of their choosing) any more, so we do the next best thing which is dessert. My mom, who’s a serious chocoholic, Laurie made a double-double chocolate cake for her.

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