Becoming Twenty One


A special post by Andrea Kanakredes, RN, MSN.



It does not seem long ago when you entered our lives. Dad and I were so excited, we counted each day to your birth. Though you were due to come in late June, you arrived two weeks early. Dad and I could not believe we created a so perfect baby, our first princess. A perfect princess.

I may be a nurse, but I was nervous about doing things. Your dad was equally nervous, though he tried not to show it. Somehow, we made it through the first night, the first week, the first year.

The days to your twenty-one have gone by so quickly. There are times when dad and I wish we could slow time, to have you be our little girl, a day longer. We love when you quietly slip your hand into ours. And, when you need a reassuring embrace, you hold on ever so tightly.

You have become a smart, beautiful woman. A successful equestrian. Most of all, you will always be my perfect princess, your dad’s perfect princess.


Happy 21, baby girl!

mom and dad