Dark Skies

Gray skies have been the norm for the past several days. While it hinted rain, the rain came early last evening in the form of strong thunderstorms. It rained for most of the overnight into today, occasionally quite heavy at times. When those clouds are heavily ladened with rain, the gray skies become darker.

While the rain is expected to ease for the remainder of the week, another storm system is forecasted for the weekend. Expected to be colder and stronger, whispers of snow have crept back into the forecast. And, with drought conditions still existing in Colorado, the additional moisture, either rain or snow, is much welcomed. It will not break the drought, but it will certainly ease its impact.


2 thoughts on “Dark Skies

  1. Looks pretty much the same down here right now. We had to abandon running conduit and wiring for the air-conditioners on the roof because of the rain.

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