Practice Unsettled

With their first show of the new season weeks away, my daughters have stepped up the tempo of their practice sessions. But, an unsettled weekend, weather-wise, made for changes in what they could do.

B&W conditions at the JN Ranch (Sat, Apr 18 2015)


Saturday was a challenge with the ever-changing conditions. It started with rain, which turned into sleet, before changing into snow, and fog rolling in for the afternoon. Their practice area had become a sloppy, muddy mess. Though the girls mounted up, they didn’t bother to ride the course of fences they laid out. They opted for short trail rides instead.

Secret Agent Man


Candace (Happy Girl)


While it had snowed for much of the night at the JN Ranch, very little, additional snow had accumulated on the ground. Deborah called Amanda to ask how the weather was Sunday morning. With patchy cloudiness, it was drying out quickly.

Back for practice, the girls laid out the course they planned to use on Saturday for the morning session but with lower fence heights. Though rain had passed through in the early afternoon, it didn’t soften the ground much. The afternoon session went rather well after the practice course was changed to the Nations Cup type of course they rode in Las Vegas last November. The girls bested their times they had in competition. The difference, of course, is in a practice session there is no pressure, no expectations.


4 thoughts on “Practice Unsettled

  1. While bad weather can put a cramp on practice, bad weather equals fantastic photos. The first photo is magnificent. The horses really do look happy with the snow. That’s great the girls bested their times, but even though the pressure isn’t there in practice, just knowing they can do better times will help when competing.

    • Thank you.

      The horses don’t mind the snow that much. About the girls surpassing their competition times in practice, it shows the maturation of their skills.

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