Traditional Friday Catblogging

“A ‘Spring Black Friday’? I don’t think so.”


A certain home improvement chain has declared this weekend as “Spring Black Friday”. In other words, a weekend gardening sale. They forgot to ask a particular black cat about declaring a Black Cat Friday, being she’s the only black cat in the world.

After this morning’s round of snow, ice pellets, sleet, and slush, accompanied by lightning and thunder, outdoor gardening is not quite advisable in Colorado just yet. Though sunny skies have returned this afternoon, melting all the snow ice away, the ice assault was Mother Nature’s reminder on becoming too anxious about planting something outdoors. If this morning’s weather happened, say six weeks ago, we would be under a few inches of ice.


3 thoughts on “Traditional Friday Catblogging

  1. That’s what we call a “Cat Four”! Cat Three’s and Fours are fairly common at our house, I had a Cat Five on me a couple of cold mornings in February, but Cat Five’s a very rare. A Cat Six is almost never seen at our house. We didn’t get anything but cold winds last night, hard frost this morning and more cold winds this morning. Although, clouds have blown in this afternoon, so we still may get some precipitation.

    • Your “Cat Four” is our four-shot. I have a few five-shots, but plenty of two and three shots.

      For a short time this morning, it appeared we were going to out-do Atlanta’s great ice storm from last year. The ice pellets were falling at a fast rate. Driving on it was like driving on loose gravel.

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