Inside The Barn

A look inside the barn, at the JN Ranch, where we stable our horses.

While Amanda keeps her barn very clean, my daughters do their share of cleaning to earn their keep. It is the less glamorous side of horse ownership. Rubber boots, a scoop shovel, work gloves, and a broom are their “best friends”. Also, wire cutters and very sharp folding knives are indispensable tools.

Deborah sweeping the barn floor (Jul 2012)


Candace (Happy Girl) waiting for Tara to groom and brush her (Feb 2015)


Jack relaxing in his wicker chair


Having only three horses, Amanda built her barn to accommodate 12 horses. She used the extra space on the barn floor to house her extra supplies, and create a living room type of space. The loft level was designed as her office and laboratory space. In the lab, one side is used for veterinary support of the ranch’s cattle operations and the other side for regulatory compliance. When we began stabling in her barn, Amanda reconfigured the barn floor to accommodate our horses while retaining her original floor design.

Though Amanda’s barn is multi-purpose in its use, it is very much a barn. In the winter months, a jacket is needed. During the summer, it is dodging practically every flying insect imaginable.


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