SAM: Secret Agent Man

SAM is very impressive. Tall. Fit. Very fast. Very smart. He’s very handsome and very charming. He certainly lives up to his name, much in the same tradition of that more famous and legendary agent.

watching and learning


in “disguise” with Elizabeth


having spellbound Elizabeth, he charms Deborah


With seven horses, adding another seemed counter-intuitive. SAM is very much a polished hunter/jumper. He has all those qualities one wants. He had been on the sidelines for 18 months before we acquired him last September. His previous rider/owner, Sarah, has been sidelined herself with a deteriorating, lower back injury. Even with the bad back, she was trail riding with him and her other horses. Sarah decided her prized horse needed to return to competition, she was looking for an owner she could entrust him with. We’re glad to say, we were Sarah’s first and only choice.

Though Deborah and Elizabeth have worked with him the most, he occasionally casts his gaze upon Tara. Catching his gaze, Tara flirts back. The flirting, though, doesn’t last long as the practice workout resumed.

SAM returned to competition earlier this year at the National Western.



Part of his introduction at the NWSS included the classic Johnny Rivers song “Secret Agent Man“.


10 thoughts on “SAM: Secret Agent Man

    • That he is. We have six cats also if it means anything. I’ve liked the song through the years. Do you remember the old TV series of the same name from around 1966? The song was the theme also.

        • I liked that show. Too bad it lasted one season. It seemed to dovetail with The Prisoner. But I assume it had to do a lot with Patrick McGoohan who was in both series. One season he was the secret agent man, the next season he was The Prisoner.

    • Thank you. When you have attractive horses and attractive daughters, it makes the picture taking easy.

      The song was a Top Ten hit in 1966. Do you remember the TV series that went with it?

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