Spring Training

The horses were ready. My daughters were ready. Spring break time is prime training time. With nicer weather having arrived, it wasn’t much of a factor. Not until the one day planned at the Rustler practice facility last Wednesday.

looking towards the mountains at the Rustler practice facility (Wed, Mar 25 2015)


With other riders having cancelled their practice sessions, the girls had the place to themselves. They were glad they had booked the covered practice area for the day a few weeks ago. Overseeing the practice sessions, Mark and Trish were pleased about how well the girls have self-managed their offseason practice schedule, and how well the horses were riding.

Though prepared for riding outdoors, the girls broke out the long-rider gear for an afternoon trail ride before calling it a day. Much of the snow had already melted away.

Elizabeth riding Secret Agent Man (left), Tara riding Cameron (right)


When we left to come home, it was partly sunny and a bit warmer. And, the mud beginning to dry out.



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