An Afternoon Flight

The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous. They heralded the coming of springtime. Most appreciative are birds of every kind.

Canadian geese on an afternoon flight



4 thoughts on “An Afternoon Flight

  1. Those may be some of the geese that winter over down here. We get lots of them in the winter and they are noisy. They are my alarm clock all winter as they will fly feet above the house at dawn flying from the river to the various fields to feed. I am not sure they can fly without squawking. Nice photo!

    • We have plenty that winter over as well. The honking part, that’s supposed to encourage the goose flying in the lead position.

      • That’s what they say, but plenty if lone geese fly over the house since we are so close to the river, and they are always honking in sync with the flapping of their wings. 😉

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