New Explorer

The plan was to replace Andrea’s Nissan Sentra with another. With the customizations, it would be like the one lost in the accident. Before signing the contract, Andrea decided she wanted to take a look around a couple of dealerships in the Denver Metro area. Moreover, she wanted to be sure. Andrea had taken a liking to Laurie’s 2010 Explorer.

We stopped at the Ford dealership where I bought my Expedition. The sales associate that sold me the Expedition still worked there. He showed Andrea a few models on the lot, until she asked about the Explorer. The 2015 models have the EcoBoost engines, a 3.5L V6 engine but with the same performance output as a V8. They had some 2014 models on the lot, and a returned 2013 special order. Of the latter, the original buyer had returned the Explorer after two days, indicating it was “too much car” for him and his wife. Peter asked Andrea if she would like to take a look at the 2013 Explorer.

Since it was cold outside, Peter had the Explorer brought into a prep bay for a closer inspection. It was detailed the day before, and so it didn’t have any snow and ice accumulated on the vehicle. The Explorer nearly had every available option added. It also had a “FlexFuel” system, which allows use of E85 fuel in addition to gasoline.

As Peter went to secure a dealer plate for the test drive, Andrea whispered about it having the right exterior and interior colors. Laurie’s Explorer is black with a sand color interior. My Expedition is black with a sand color interior. And, this Explorer was black with a sand color interior.

Since Andrea bought the Explorer several weeks ago, the girls have humorously noted we appear like “federal government types” when all three SUVs are lined up.


About the photos

The first two photos were taken using a BlackBerry Q10, and the last photo with a Canon PowerShot S3 IS.


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    • Thank you, Timothy. Colorado limits on the amount of window tinting that can be done. When it’s done, it can’t be too dark. Andrea had her windows tinted to a light gray – like a photo-gray shade.

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