Adventures In Plumbing – Souvenirs

[The final installment in the multi-part series, “Adventures in Plumbing”. Part One may be read here, Part Two here, Part Three here and Part Four here.]


Other than a large bill, the bits and pieces of the completed work. Though calling them souvenirs connote the meaning of a keepsake, it may be more precise to call them artifacts.

1-inch copper-brass fitting


copper-brass fitting with a short piece of 7/8-inch copper piping


have not determined what this copper-brass piece may be


Of course, there are some non-artifact pieces from the work project.

the complimentary contract-signing pen


large stones from the path of the sewer line replacement, mostly pink-colored Pikes Peak granite


With our front yard a “blank slate”, the stones will be used for landscaping later in the spring.


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