Getaway Weekend

Sunny and warm, the perfect weekend to step back and relax. It doesn’t take much to call it a “Getaway Weekend”. Our devices are idled for the weekend. Better yet, Laurie and Andrea were not on call.

After a day of riding for the girls, Amanda had invited us, earlier in the week, to stay into the evening for a cookout. It was one of her handful of days off on the ranch. “Just have a jacket since we’ll be outside and have an appetite” was her only requirement.

a roaring fire


firing the grill – mostly wood, some charcoal


grill #1 – beef skewers


grill #2 – hamburger, hamburger


Of course, we did not come empty-handed. A layered cake, two dozen roses.

A most enjoyable evening, it ended late in the night. An early arrival on Sunday morning, the girls squeezed in more riding time with their horses before the change in weather. With a strong chill in the air by mid-morning, it didn’t take long for the snow to follow.

Lilith finishing her hay


Though the Sunday part of the “Getaway Weekend” was cut short, it was a very good weekend.


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    • Lilith doesn’t mind too much, but what you don’t see is her horse blanket covering the rear flanks. If it was much colder, she would be munching on her hay in the barn.

    • WP seems to be constantly tweaking Reader. If your web browser has a built-in RSS reader (it should), you can follow that way.

      Lilith, she takes a very good photo.

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