Dreams of Spring

Saturday was snowy and cold. Sunday was gray and chilly before it turned snowy and cold.

Tara, watching the light snow fall, waits on Deborah and Elizabeth


Thoughts and dreams of spring are not far from mind. The girls wouldn’t mind warmer, longer days to ride and practice with their horses. A little patience is needed with our weather conditions shifting between warm and cold. The weekend ahead promises to be a very nice one with sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s.


Groundhog Day Forecast

The local groundhog at the zoo saw his shadow, suggesting more winter lies ahead. The one who does not mind the cold weather much is Laurie, Tara’s mom. Her credo, “at least you can enjoy a hot coffee or hot chocolate without breaking into a sweat.” It must be the west Texas in her DNA speaking.


3 thoughts on “Dreams of Spring

  1. Sometimes I think the cold is more a fear than a reality. Bundle up and as long as the wind isn’t blowing too hard, you’ll be fine. Of course I say this from the confines of our house in the Southeastern U.S. 😉

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