Easy Like Sunday


The Super Sunday Edition

The interest in today’s big game may be lacking.

Midnight inspecting the football


Tuxie’s not interested


It’s highly unlikely any predictions will be forthcoming before the game. Perhaps a prediction may be given after the final score.

Both teams, however, will not lead in the important game stat of “Time of Napping”.

Miss Egypt, 2014 NFL season nap leader


Prediction Update (8:15 pm MST, Sun Feb 01 2015)

With the big game completed, it is with 99.9% confidence we predict the Patriots will win 28-24.


2 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday

  1. I don’t watch football, but couldn’t avoid hearing about deflate gate. I love the kitties inspecting the ball, and nice the subtle detail on the deflated dent in the ball. I look like Miss Egypt when it comes to football! 😉

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