Escape Artist

It was a case of “I don’t want go!”

This afternoon, Miss Susie and Miss Pinky were scheduled to make their yearly visit with the vet. Miss Susie used her magic trick of disappearing into thin air after being flushed out of her hiding spots. Not to be found in the only room she could be in, and the clock ticking, the catchable Miss Pinky had to go by herself.

Miss Pinky, the good girl


Miss Susie was waiting for us when we got home. Though she may think she dodged the trip, Miss Susie will have her appointment rescheduled in the next few days. If she had come, Miss Susie would have been done until her visit next year. Instead, it will be a case of déjà vu all over again.

the naughty girl, Miss Susie


By the way, Miss Pinky checked out quite well.


5 thoughts on “Escape Artist

  1. Miss Pinky and Miss Susie are beautiful cats. Don’t put it the appointment on your calendar, and don’t let Miss Susie read this post. Guildenstern would do the same vanishing act, and I swear he was checking my calendar app at night, because he would disappear precisely the time I had set for the reminder for his vet appointment. I quit putting vet appointments on my calendar.

    • Miss Pinky and Miss Susie thank you for your good taste. 🙂

      I’ll probably will follow your advice. Siamese are notorious for being exceedingly inquisitive and intelligent. My guess she was hiding in very plain sight and used her calico colors as camouflage. 🙂

      • It’s amazing how cats can make themselves disappear and then reappear. We swear the Rosencrantz can go through walls. We will let him out side and then he will be inside and neither of us remember letting him back in. We’ll go to do a cat count, and one of the cats will be missing, We look in all their hiding spots and then start calling outside. After while the cat just shows up. I think they can slip through wormholes when they want to disappear, or they have kitty cloaking devices that just make them invisible to us — your theory about Miss Susie probably hiding in plain sight.

        • A former girlfriend said she would be looking for one her cats, and the one she was looking for would soon join in with the search. Miss Susie probably would’ve joined the search if it proved to be too good of a chance to pass up.

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