Easy Like Sunday

She’s not exactly a barn cat or a ranch cat, but she likes to hang out in Amanda’s barn on the JN Ranch.

Barnie, princess cat


Courtney and Tori* were discovered by Amanda, a few years ago, at the front gate to the ranch property. They were sitting on the side of the road. Clearly, the pair were dropped off. With a winter storm moving into the area, Amanda coaxed the two into her truck. Upon arriving at the ranch complex, she took them into a spare office in her barn. After bringing in her vet supplies from the truck, she gave Courtney and Tori a quick check-up. It was then Amanda discovered Courtney was pregnant, and a few days from delivering her kittens. The two cats and two dogs, she already had, wondered what mom was taking into the spare bedroom. Two days later, Courtney gave birth to four girl kittens. Tori was a good babysitter when Courtney needed a break from being a mom cat. Amanda kept Courtney and Tori, and two kittens (Barnie and Kara). The other two kittens (Lucy and Kelsie) live with Amanda’s parents in the main ranch house.

It is not uncommon for people to abandon their animals in rural country for whatever reason. What is surprising is Courtney and Tori were dropped off at the ranch’s front gate, a few miles, and not visible, from the highway.

*Courtney and Tori are names Amanda gave. Since they responded nicely, it’s likely Amanda discovered their secret names.